Heading to Austin Serverless Conf!

Normally things are pretty hectic around here and I'm finding myself pulled in too many directions to actually get out to a technical conference. In fact, the last time I was able to get away for a full week tech conference was WWDC in 2012 (sadly, the year after Jobs stepped down from doing the keynotes). 

This year, however, things have calmed down quite a bit and now all I'm worried about is optimizing our usage and trying to cut some AWS costs. We've already been pretty heavily invested in Serverless functions using AWS Lambda, but I'm really excited to learn what others in the community are using as well as catching up with some old colleagues. I'm very excited to be heading to Serverless Conf, Austin.

Tickets and flight have already been acquired. 

Other things to do in Austin

Austin is also a pretty amazing place so I'm coming in a few days early and leaving after the weekend. The workshops don't start until the 26th, but if you get in a few days early, you can catch the opening month of the Round Rock Express (AAA Baseball) on the 24th and 25th.

Of course, the Mexican food is also amazing, my favorite from last time was from Polvos, but I also plan to try a few new places this year, including some of the many food truck areas that I've heard about.

It's also Texas, so it's really a requirement to try the texas sized steaks from Texas Land and Cattle. There's also too many BBQ joints worth trying to even list. (although if you have a few hours to kill you can always wait in line for Franklin).

Downtown is also worth driving through, or even walking through. It has a lot of cool museums and libraries, including the LBJ Library. 

And if you happen to be bringing the wife, who also happens to love leather (as in boots), Allens Boots is also pretty nifty, but be prepared to spend a few hundred. They have quite a bit more than boots too, I actually bought a hat and belt while I was there. 

Have any other suggestions for things to do in Austin while at Serverless Conf? Leave some suggestions in the Comments!