How NOT to do 2 Factor authentication (MailChimp, this means you!)

UPDATE: You can enable QR code/Authy for AlterEgo

Thanks to a co-worker who discovered how to enable a QRCode based authentication for AlterEgo. After logging into AlterEgo via the website, you can go to "Integrations":

Under "Google Authenticator" choose "Connect":

This will generate a QR code you can attach to Authy, or any other standard Software MFA device!

How NOT to do 2 Factor authentication

Two factor authentication is great. It's the latest craze, but it's also a good idea. In general, the password is obsolete. Anyone can guess or brute force a static password, and making people change a password is lame. They forget, which means you need to have way to let them reset.

If it's something they're typing on mobile devices, it's probably going to be pretty weak, and the more you have to type it, the less secure it will be.

A multi-factor (or Two-factor) authentication token solves much of these problems. People will always make insecure passwords, a second form of authentication is key. There are three main types of authentication:

  • Knows Something (Password)
  • Has Something (Authentication Token)
  • Is Something (Firewall)
Breaking into the "Has Something" is critical, but it's also important to make sure it's not an obstacle. There are standards out there for how to do authentication tokens. Almost everyone generates a QR code that you can scan on your mobile application, and/or just uses SMS.

Yes, this does mean that there's a QR code out there that someone could hijack, but hopefully that QR code is not printed, but instead kept securely on the user's device. If you're like me, you use Authy, which does back up your MFA tokens, but also requires you to input more information when you need to restore, only allows on one device at a time, and requires a secondary form of MFA if you do need to restore (such as an SMS).

Other providers, such as RSA, allow for physical MFA tokens. These are by far the most secure, but also expensive, and a hassle if you have a bunch of them. I have one for my 401k, PayPal, and AWS account. Everything else is a Software Auth Token.

Google's MFA does not do backups, and if you upgrade your phone you lose it all. Not as ideal, but still not as bad as....

Mailchimp You're doing it wrong

MailChimp introduced MFA. Pretty great right? You don't want someone getting ahold of your client list, that could be pretty bad.

But they don't use a standard like a QR code, a physical token, or just SMS. Nope, they use a third-party company called AlterEgo

First off, when you search for "Alter Ego" in the app store, this app isn't what comes up. That's pretty bad itself, but not the worst part.

The worst part? They don't do two factor authentication like anyone else. The app is a mobile-browser package, and you can tell. It is NOT optimized for touch screens, let along small devices. It requires a login of username and password... wait isn't this what the MFA was suppose to be solving for us?

Worse yet, while it DOES have time-based codes, those codes are also one-time use. The interface doesn't have a simple way to let you generate a new code until the old one expires, even if you've already used it. In MailChimp, you often have to re-login all over again (another issue) including when you add new people, or are setting up your account for the first time. This means you're typing in your AlterEgo token multiple times within the 1 minute window that the token takes to "expire". That means you have to wait.... you can't just re-generate a new token, even though the one on the screen no longer works.


It does not make me feel more secure. In fact it breaks your normal workflow, and makes your service difficult to use. There is no reason you can't generate a QR code and support every other type of MFA out there, or even just use SMS. You have SMS as a backup, but you can't set it up that way just with SMS.

Please please please, don't continue to require AlterEgo.


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