Recently I found myself reluctantly looking for a Mac game again. I'm a bigger fan of gaming on consoles specifically because I work with my Desktop all day long, and I don't really feel like gaming where I work. I feel very strongly about keeping work and play separate, so when I went back to Desktop gaming again, I needed some way to really separate the experience.

I looked around and found a very cool looking (and highly rated) game called Trine. It was good, but I could easily see this being a console game, and really wanted that controller-in-hand feeling. I re-discovered an old Game-Elements Recoil GGE909 USB game controller I had from a while back, and decided to try to get it working on my mac.

To my dismay, it didn't work right out of the box, and there were no drivers to be found. I searched around on forums, until I remembered my old friend, ControllerMate.

This is probably the best piece of software I've ever purchased; it makes just about any input device work exactly as you want it. As a programmer, it provides me with a lot of power to do a lot of really cool things, but it's also simple enough to make sense to anyone. You have inputs, you have logic, and you can tie those in together to make outputs.

The inputs are simple, you hit a button on the controller, and it toggles it on. The outputs are equally simple, you tie that on to an output of pressing a button, moving the cursor, etc. ControllerMate just works, it's amazingly simple, and it supported my controller.

I built my own configuration for the controller, including moving around the mouse based on the two thumbdials. I have buttons for mouse clicks, even buttons to accurately position the mouse on the screen.

Trine + ControllerMate + any USB controller = a lot of fun times; and it has that native console feel.

What fun things have you done with Controller Mate?