What's coming up for Amazon Web Services Cloud?

Amazon announced today the new upcoming Live streaming event for What's up and coming in AWS for 2012. It's not surprising since they've recently hired a ton of new people, including Mitch Garnaat, creator of Boto and former co-worker of mine. They've recently been launching new services all over the globe, including new regions and CloudFront/Route53 Endpoints. With the additional new Direct Connect locations, it's also easier then ever to build a Hybrid cloud.

They've also been launching new services, such as ElastiCache, a memcached service offered up directly from Amazon. And of course it wouldn't be amazon without dozens of improvements to existing services, such as finally enabling console logins for IAM users, and vast improvements to Amazon SNS. 

So what then really can we expect at this new announcement? A few things have been on the radar for quite a while now:

  • Location-Aware Route53 (DNS) - Make sure that users get the closest server to where they are
  • Two-Factor Auth for IAM Users
  • APN (Apple Push Notifications) support for SNS
  • "Pass Through" option for CloudFront (i.e. don't cache certain URLs)
  • Lots of improvements for SimpleDB, such as SQL functions and cross-domain joins.

What do you think? What other improvements have you been waiting on for AWS?


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