It's a dangerous time to read Gizmodo

Gizmodo Recently decided to publicly attack Apple about it's recent change in policy, designed to protect mobile users as well as earn a little more cash for Apple.

Gizmodo's been pretty famous recently for changing their entire website to use a new frame-like UI with fixed-width formatting that pretty much makes everyone upset. They've also added massive amounts of advertisements all over the top half of their stories, making all of their readers scroll through a page of ads before they can even read the content.

Now they're attacking Apple publicly, something that's been known not to work, and have very negative repercussions.

And why, after all, do they claim you shouldn't buy Apple products right now? They're coming out with them too quickly. That's right, Apple is releasing too many products now... Wait... how many new Android phones came out this month alone? Even Best Buy knows that their the big culprits, advertising that they will buy back your old technology (note the primary devices are Androids on their ad), for roughly 50% if it's before 6 months.

Seriously Gizmodo, take a clue, Apple isn't going to let you back into the fan club.


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