Search for Books on Amazon using Boto!

Today I added some minor support for ECS into boto. Specifically, I've implemented the ItemSearch API from the Product Advertising API. Usage is simple:

>>> from boto.ecs import ECSConnection
>>> conn = ECSConnection()
>>> books = conn.item_search("Books", Author="John Resig")
>>> for book in books:
...     print book.Title
...     print book.ASIN

The above example should print out the title and ASIN of all books currently on Amazon authored by John Resig, including Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

Happy searching!


Rytis Sileika said…
This is slightly broken now. Apparently Amazon ECS does not accept:


and so it errors with HTTP 400

I have made a simple patch which I'll be submitting to github shortly
Mike Driscoll said…
This code doesn't work unless I put my Amazon API key and secret in. Then it returns some kind of ItemSet object that isn't iterable. Can you clue me into how to make this work? Thanks!
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