Aeron Chairs

Newstex has a tradition of giving all of it's employee's something related to the business we do (Authoritative Content Aggrigation) every christmas. One year it was a Kindle,  once an Apple TV, and once an iPhone. This year, however, Newstex bought the most expensive desk chairs ever produced.

It took a while to adjust this chair, about 400 different settings to change, it can be relatively comfortable, but it's one of those things that we all look at yet never want to buy (who spends $850 on a chair?). In any event, this is the exact same chair as we use to have at the old RIT DataCenter when we had to stay up late running scripts which should have been handeld by a good crontab.

I've realized today that I've moved quite a bit away from that original job in the DCO. Back then I was running scripts by hand that should have easily been automated, and today I work for a company automating processes that most people would consider far to complex for a computer to handle. Now that we've migrated our entire operations into Amazon Web Services, we have the scalability and availability of the largest companies, without any big investments in hardware, or having to worry about hardware upgrades at all. Just today I performed a live upgrade on our websites without a single second of downtime.