Now that's service

After fighting with my mac pro all week, I finally took it in on Friday to get the graphics card replaced. I had deduced this was the problem, but still I expected to get some heat from the apple store. After bringing the computer up to the store, an apple rep quickly came out to meet me and carry the beast the rest of the way to the table. He pushed up my appointment by half an hour, and then I even got them to look at it even earlier because someone hadn't shown up yet. 

Not only did they not ask me a dozen questions, they didn't even plug the thing in. I said "The graphics card is dead" and they said "Ok, we'll get you a new one".... Thank you apple for not treating me like an idiot.

They had to order it, which took a total of a day, less then 24 hours later I got a phone call saying I could pick it up. They even took it out to my car for me... and all of this was under warranty so I didn't pay anything. Now that's what I call service.  Yes, apple's may be more expensive, but this is what you're paying for and it's WELL worth it.