Life lessons

Over the years I've developed a few theories about people that I thought I'd share with everyone. 

People are idiots
In general, people are idiots. Even if you're not an idiot, you'll have idiotic moments. Everyone does something stupid at least once a day that someone else sees. The only difference between idiots and intelligent people is that the idiots don't notice it.

Stereotypes exist for a reason
Stereotypes came from somewhere, we really can't make this crap up. No, not everyone fits them, but there's at least 80% that do. Have you ever met a straight white person that can dance?

In the end, everything comes down to greed
Every single thing that anyone does is for selfish reasons. Even if you're helping someone else out of what you would think of as pure reasons, you'll expect some sort of self-gratification, either from a thank you or something else. Nothing is ever done out of pure selflessness.